Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat if I am pregnant?
Although all our products are gentle on the skin, we recommend that you avoid coloring your hair, perming your hair or having acrylics applied to your nails. Your baby’s health is our first priority. Please consult your doctor.

Do medications interfere with waxing?
Yes, many acne medications will cause tearing or burning of the skin. All waxings should be avoided for weeks after finishing treatment to be sure the medication is out of your system.

What do I wear when I come to the spa ?
Most treatments are enjoyed without clothing, however, please wear what makes you comfortable. You will be fully draped with a sheet during your massage.

How should I arrive when having an Up-do done?
Please come with clean well dried hair,
unless your stylist directs you differently.

What do I do if I am unhappy with my treatment?
Because your satisfaction is our number one goal, please do not hesitate to call immediately when you are less than satisfied. We will gladly correct any service.

What is expected for Gratuities?
Tipping is left to the discretion of our clients. Gratuities are not included in the service price. Tipping can be done in cash or by check ONLY. It is customary to leave 15% to 20% gratuity for services.