The V'Sonno PromiseOur licensed massage therapists are licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio and provide a variety of services to best meet your individual needs.  Whether you are looking for relaxation or need a more therapeutic treatment, we have it here.

Relaxation Massage uses anywhere from a light to firm pressure along with flowing strokes to quiet the body, mind, and spirit.

Relaxation Upper Body – 40 minute   62+

Relaxation Full Body – 60 minute   82+

Relaxation Full Body – 90 minute   114+

Hot Stone Massage is a unique massage experience. The entire body is massaged with heated stones allowing the combined benefit of heat and pressure to relax muscles.

Hot Stone Relaxation – 60 minute   94+

Hot Stone Relaxation – 90 minute  129+

Hot Stone Deep Tissue – 90 minute   159+

Deep Tissue Massage uses firm to heavy pressure and a variety of techniques to release chronic tension and knotted muscles. Great for athletes or those who prefer a deeper massage.

Deep Tissue Upper Body – 40 minute  75+

Deep Tissue Full Body – 60 minute   95+

Deep Tissue Full Body – 90 minute  132+

Prenatal Massage provides a wonderful way for the Mom-To-Be to relax.  Using a special pregnancy massage pillow allows the guest to lie in a more reclining position as well as the ability to lie on the belly comfortably. Great for relieving low back pain and possible swelling. Recommended for those who are experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Please consult your doctor if you have concerns about receiving a prenatal massage.

Prenatal  – 60 minute  92+

Prenatal – 90 minute  129+

Oncology Massage is a very gentle massage with the purpose of providing comfort and relaxation for those with a history of cancer or for those actively receiving treatment.

Oncology Full Body- 40 minute  87+

Oncology Full Body – 60 minute 92+

Oncology Full Body – 90 minute 129+

Elemental Reflexology is a treatment targeting reflex points on the feet that directly correspond to specific areas/organs of the body while helping to unblock and balance the body’s energy flow. A great treatment for most physical issues. Does not use lotions/oils. Guest remains clothed.

Elemental Reflexology (Feet)- 40 minute  59+

Elemental Reflexology (Feet)- 60 minute  69+

The Migraine Treatment focuses on specific muscle groups involved in the migraine loop. It is an upper body treatment that uses a technique called Muscle Restore to relax and lengthen contracted muscles.

Migraine Treatment (Upper Body)- 40 minute  75+

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is based on “life force energy” which flows through us and is the reason we are alive. It involves “laying of hands” to transfer healing energy to promote relaxation and stress reduction. Guest remains clothed.

Reiki Full Body- 40 minute  68+

Reiki Full Body – 60 minute  85+

Hand of Foot Massage is targeted massage to either the hands or feet.  Uses lotion/oil. Guest remains clothed.

Hand Massage or Foot Massage – 25 minute  39+

Massage Enhancements are great add-on services. Hot Stone Add-On is used on the back, neck, and shoulders while guest is face down.  The Sinus Steam helps relieve sinus congestion using steam and the essential oil of peppermint. Not available with all services.

Hot Stone Add-On (neck and back)  12

Sinus Steam  10

*Prices do not include sales tax.